Dear Parents, Teachers, Performers and Friends

Welcome to the Syllabus for the Skipton Music Festival 2017.

I hope you’ll find in it something to interest you, to inspire you, to challenge you and to encourage you to take part in the “Friendly Festival”.

As always, we’d like you to think about asking a friend to participate in one or more of the many classes on offer.  Perhaps your school has a choir? 
Perhaps you have a recorder group or a band? 
Does your school have a Performing Arts department – or a drama club after school? 

There are lots of opportunities to exploit – and we are really hoping that this year, we can grow the Speech and Drama a little more. 

To help this happen, we plan to put on at least the Senior Class (S3) in the evening, so that older performers have more opportunity to participate.  Please do consider whether you and your friends might enjoy some free expression of your dramatic talent! 

Don’t forget that we put on non-competitive classes as well.  They are somewhat less stressful!

Mounting a Festival such as this doesn’t get any cheaper and we are indebted both to our Patrons and our Sponsors.

A minimum donation of £20 per individual brings Patrons a programme for the week and entry to all the classes,
plus a ticket for the Gala Concert on Saturday evening. 

To sponsor the Festival, please contact our Treasurer, Sue Conti (details in the Syllabus) or any other member of the Committee.

Finally, as always, the Festival simply couldn’t happen without the small army of volunteers who make up our Hall and Front-of-House stewards.  If you are one of them, then thank you!  If you would like to be one in March, please get in touch – it’s actually a lot of fun and well worth while!

I look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Jill Wright
Hon. Secretary